Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hiking Trails at Mdumbi

We are incredibly lucky at Mdumbi to have such varied and stunning nature at our fingertips. Just outside of the backpackers is an incredible forest. This forest has many little paths running through it, but most of them are overgrown and lead to nowhere. A few of us decided to establish a clear trail so guests and community members can enjoy our local hikes. We scoped out the best path and then set to work clearing the trail. We made sure to protect our local species, but the non-endemic Lantana and Inkberry we saw along the way met the bush knife.
start of the trail at the point

The hike starts from the front gate of the backpackers and takes you to the point look out, an incredible view and a popular spot with the dolphins (on a clear day you can see all the way to Port St. John’s) From there, walk down the hill to Whale rock-- keep an eye out for those great mammals! Follow the grassy track past Bird Rock, admiring the palm forest as you go. From there, the path takes you into the forest where you can see milkwood groves and a Yellowwood forest. Head up the hill and you will come out behind the backpackers on the soccer field. Please help us to maintain our trail by visiting us and taking a hike! Hope to see you soon, The Mdumbi Crew

In the Yellowwood Forest
A very beautiful flowers growing in the sand...does anybody have any idea what the name of this flower is? 

Clearing nettles

Eco and Lindy in the Milkwood Grove

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