Friday, 14 March 2014

Mdumbi Sports Overview by Volunteer Tristan

I'm currently on a gap year gaining experience to become a physical education teacher in England. South Africa was a place that was on my heart and especially to run sports events. I tried many options to try to come out to South Africa but none of them came together. I knew that Steve Bollon, a friend from Southampton had been going out there many times before so I spoke to him about what he does there. This is when I came across Mdumbi and TransCape and found out he has running soccer tournaments for over 7 years and also ran a league for a whole year when the FIFA World Cup was in South Africa in 2010. I loved the sound of the whole idea providing opportunity to people in a rural village and being part of sports development in South Africa.

Before I knew it the trip was planned and was just counting down the days to leave. Eventually after seeing many beautiful places in South Africa we arrived in Mdumbi. There was such a lovely vibe about the place, the locals being so welcoming, a lovely chilled out backpackers with the most beautiful beach (which most of the time seemed private).

The Super Strikers  getting a pep talk before the game

The Young Chicos under 14 champions
The first tournament we ran was on the 1st March 2014 for the under 14's soccer teams. We had 6 teams enter for the event and had over 200 people come to watch the day unveil. It was an amazing atmosphere and was great to see so many people and familiar faces. The day was a massive success with the Young Chicos winning the final against Ngyoini 1-0. Soccer is a massive part of peoples life’s around here many young boys play from as young as 5/6 up to mens and was just amazing to be able to put on a event not just for the boys playing but for the community to all come and watch to be part of the day that hopefully will stick with them for a long part of their life. 
Player of the Tournament

The Mdumbi Sports Team are now building up for the girls netball tournament this coming Saturday 15th March with the new netball field that has been made this last week. Then the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of March is going to be the big under 17's soccer tournament which I'm sure are both going to be a great spectacle. So if your anywhere near the Transkei around these next two weeks, please do come and drop by!
The Mdumbi Sports Team

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